Do YOU need P.J. West and Associates, Inc. Medical Legal Consulting?

You could benefit from PJWA if:

  • You are a plaintiff or defense attorney representing a client in a case with a medical or nursing component
  • You could save time and money through expert medical case screening, summaries, timelines and reports.
  • Your client questions appropriateness of healthcare and/or outcomes
  • You represent clients who have experienced life-changing catastrophic injuries or medical events
  • Your workload prohibits you from addressing all of the medical aspects of your cases
  • You need medical expert referrals
  • You need a registered nurse to attend an IME,DME or AME with your client

PJWA Legal Nurse Consultants engage in any number of the following activities:

  • standards of care, causation, and damage issues
  • client interviews
  • research and summarizing medical literature
  • multidisciplinary standards of care
  • regulatory requirements
  • chronologies of medical events
  • damages—costs of services
  • cost analysis for damages
  • depositions and trials
  • organizing medical records
  • complaints, answers, and motions for trial outlines, summary judgment, Interrogatories, depositions
  • queries for direct and cross examination
  • document production requests, trial briefs, demand letters, and status reports
  • providing initial case screenings for merit